Inspiring story of American entrepreneur Sean Parker who became a billionaire in his 30’s!

Sean Parker is an American entrepreneur who is known for co-founding a file-sharing computer service Napster and serving as the first president of Facebook. He also co-founded Plaxo (an online address book); Causes (a civic technology app and website for campaigning ); (a group video chat app for iOS); and Brigade (a civic technology platform).

He is the Founder and Chairman of his philanthropic firm, Parker Foundation. He was ranked 722 on the Forbes 2016 list of the world’s billionaires with a net worth of $2.4 billion. As of January 2022, he has a net worth of $3 billion.

###Sean Parker – Personal Life:–

Sean was born to Diane and Bruce Parker, who was a U.S government oceanographer and Chief Scientist at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). His mother, Diane Parker was a TV advertising broker.

He likes programming and hacking since his early teens. Sean was once convicted because he tried to hack a network of a Fortune 500 company and FBI agents                                    tracked the 16-year-old boy through his IP address. He was sentenced to community service owing to his juvenility.

In 2013, he married Alexandra Lenas, who is a singer-songwriter. The couple has two children namely Winter Victoria Parker and Zephyr Emerson Parker.

### Education:—

Sean completed his formal education at Oakton High School, in Virginia and later from Chantilly High School. At school, he used to spend most of his time in the computer lab and practice coding. Thus, he soon became a passionate programmer and                                        used to intern in companies while studying in his high school.

He used to write codes for startup companies. He worked as an intern for Mark Pincus for his startup FreeLoader. He further completed his graduation in 1998. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruited him by seeing his winning potential at the Virginia state computer science fair for developing a Web Crawler.

###Professional Life:—

While studying in his senior year of high school, he earned more than $80,000 a year through internships and projects. He convinced his parents to let him skip college and pursue a career as an entrepreneur. He was an avid reader and believed in self-learning.

He is also the managing partner at the Founders Fund, a venture capital fund founded by Peter Thiel. While working there, he made an investment in a Swedish streaming music service, Spotify to share Napster’s music legally. He also established a philanthropic firm named, Parker Foundation.

###Co-founder of Napster:—

At age 15, Sean met a 14-year-old boy Shawn Fanning through the internet. Both of them fused over topics like theoretical physics and hacking. After two years, they founded Napster, a free file-sharing service for music.

Sean raised $50,000 and launched it in June 1999. Napster had 10 million users within a year                             but it was opposed by the recording labels, the Recording Industry Association of America, the heavy metal band Metallica and few others.

Eventually, the lawsuits from several industries did not allow him to run Napster. However, Napster is considered the fastest growing business of all time and it revolutionized the music industry. It is believed through some reports that Napster is an antecedent to iTunes.

### Co-founder of Plaxo:—

Sean Parker launched an online address book and social networking service, Plaxo in November 2002. It was initially a social networking tool, which would later influence the growth of companies like, LinkedIn, Zynga and Facebook.

Plaxo grew with 20 million users and became the first-ever brand to use viral marketing                                   in its launch. In 2004, he was driven out of the company’s financiers, Sequoia Capital and Ram Shriram. It is said that he made an exit by allegedly hiring private investigators to follow him.

### Co-founder of Brigade Media

Sean introduced his new startup Brigade in April 2014. The platform became made with an purpose of civic management, to counter a loss of political engagement and hobby in all tiers of presidency throughout America.

He serves because the Chairman of the Brigade with an preliminary spherical of private investment of $9.three million. Brigade obtained an internet platform for social effect and political activism, Causes in 2014.


Sean is an lively Philanthropist and has assiduously donated to most cancers research, worldwide public fitness and civic engagement. He even pledged $24 million to create                                         the Sean N. Parker  Center for Allergy Research at Stanford. He made a $10 million grant to create the Sean N. Parker Autoimmune Research Laboratory at UCSF.

He set up Parker Foundation and declared in June 2015 to contribute $six hundred million to release the employer with an purpose to method large-scale challenges, including, insight, capital, technology and technology, employer constructing and public policy.

He similarly donated $250 million to set up Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. He serves because the Board member of Obama Foundation, Global Citizen, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Parker Foundation and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.


Sean Parker is recognized as a genius and credits his college education in the establishment of Napster, through which he eventually became competent in intellectual property law, corporate finance, and entrepreneurship.

He further co-founded ventures like Plaxo, Airtime, Brigade, and Causes. He was the first investor at Facebook and became its president after five years of its establishment.

Courtesy:— StartupTalky

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