7 Biggest Enemies Stopping You From Success!

Everyone wants to be successful. It is a thing we all wish for. We want to achieve mind-blowing success. However, the road to success is not so easy. And the funniest part is, you are the one to determine whether you become successful or not.

You have the keys to success in your hand. Truthfully, if the key to your success is in your hand, why are you not successful yet? Well, it is because you are the biggest enemy to your success, shocked?

You are in control of whatever happens to you. However, inside you, 7 elements stop you from becoming successful.    Here are the 7 elements that are stopping you from becoming successful

1. Complacency:—

Complacency is a state of smugness. The feeling of a very powerful self-satisfaction. Yes! There are times where you have put in all your effort to do one thing or the other. With such great efforts you have put into your work, it is normal for you to feel magnified, praise yourself, and be satisfied with what you have done.

Complacency comes in when you are over satisfied with what you have done. Sincerely, you have put so much work and effort into what you do, you won’t feel good if someone condemns all of your hard work and efforts.

This is where most people make mistakes. Instead of listening to the faults, we tend to ignore what people say. Why? Because you are amazed at the work you have done all by yourself. You feel so satisfied that you don’t want to change it or listen to advice.

And, do you know what complacency brings? Complacency brings in pride, laziness, stagnancy, overconfidence, and procrastination. If you are wrong, admit that you are, ask people for advice and always be ready to learn.     Have a growth mindset, instead of a fixed one.

2. Low Self-esteem:—

How do you perceive yourself? Do you feel you are worthless? Well, low self-esteem is one of the biggest enemies of your success. However, you wield the power of self-esteem and that’s why you are the controller of your success.

Low self-esteem holds a very strong power which is “underestimation”, you keep underestimating yourself which will make you lose your self-worth. What do you think happens when you lose your self-worth? One, you lose your confidence, two, self-respect, and lastly, you tap into the world of negativity.

Love yourself first! Why are you underestimating your great self? So many people have unbelievable potentials but they are just there underestimating themselves, destroying their self-confidence, while time is flying.

Always love God and love yourself. If you love God, loving yourself will even be easier. Because the love of God brings indescribable joy and delight. This is from the perspective of a child of God.

You are a great person, know that! Nothing can shake you. One secret is this: if you don’t condemn yourself, no one on earth can condemn you. So, never condemn yourself. Never limit your potentials by yourself. You are limitless and ever-going.

3. Pride (Ego):—-

Pride has left billions of people in the world with bitter regrets. If you can not subject yourself to others, you may not be able to go far in life. Even if you succeed by chance, the end will still be filled with massive regrets.

Be humble, pride is one of the worst enemies of your success. Some people have a mindset that they can’t learn from someone younger than them even if they are in the same place of work or, even if they do the same thing.

Many people feel they are too big to ask for help. They feel they are too big to learn. If you don’t know a thing, ask people that know about it. Don’t feel too big to ask and always be ready to face and accommodate disrespect.

Go and learn from the ultra-successful men and women in the world and see how much disrespect they have faced. But, look at where they are now.

You need skills to succeed, which simply means you have to learn to have skills, and to learn new skills you need to put in a lot of service and work. But, how do you serve? You serve with respect and ultimate subjection.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

4. Laziness:—

We all have our comfort area. Most times, humans come to be too satisfied with their comfort zone and that’s why it has come to be super-tough for them to get out of that place of comfort.

Your comfort area might be in movies, your fave celeb, social media, games, friends, doing not anything, etc. What is your comfort zone or where is your comfort zone? Until you’re making Godliness, difficult work, commitment, clever thinking, and patience your comfort zone, fulfillment may be unachievable for you.

One creepy thing that lightens up our laziness is pleasure. The feeling of pleasing what our flesh wants. Though it could appear to be you’re pleasing yourself, deep down, you’re losing some time. What do you waste some time on?

Is it social media? Gaming? Watching movies? Instead of losing some time pleasing yourself, you need to maximize some time doing matters so that it will raise your future.

5. Procrastination:—

Procrastination is what has made many lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is likewise certainly considered one among the largest enemies in your fulfillment. However, don’t overlook which you wield the strength of procrastination with the aid of using yourself.

Procrastination and laziness are like twins, they cross hand-in-hand collectively always. When you live too connected in your consolation area, procrastination kicks in, making you do not anything however waste time.

The effective impact of procrastination is its cappotential that will help you extend matters you can achieve. If you had been to finish an task withinside the subsequent four hours, procrastinating could make it 10 hours long.

6. Fear and shortage of self-self belief:—

These also are like twins! Without worry, how will you lack self-self belief? Well, worry is what makes us lack self-self belief. The worry of speakme for yourself, displaying your talents, and worry of failing.

This is likewise certainly considered one among your best enemies. Fear has made a number of humans lose their dreams. And don’t overlook that loss of self-self belief cannot and in no way exist with out the worry element.

Build your self belief robust and allow worry disappear. Want to believe overnight? Then believe in God. If you’ve got got super self belief in God, not anything may be capable of shake you.

7. Negative Society:—

A terrible surroundings and terrible humans are what we name a bad society. Sometimes we don’t even dream of accomplishing fulfillment due to the sort of humans we mingle with and the society we’re in.

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