How to be Successful? – Tips from Self-made Millionaire Sam Altman

Samuel H. Altman is an American entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and blogger. He is the CEO of OpenAI and the former president of Y Combinator.

Self-made Millionaire Sam Altman has a net worth of $200 million. 

How to be Successful? – Tips from Sam Altman:—

Sam has been associated with many successful startups and Sam Altman book gives you many tips from his experience. So, you might be wondering, What product should you build? How to be successful?

according to Sam, one should build a product that is so good that people share the story about it with their friends!
As per Sam Altman book, if you can build a product that is so good, that people spontaneously tell their friends about your product, then 80% of the job is done!
According to Sam Altman how to be successful, the most successful companies like Google, Facebook, or Twitter are popular because of their popularity. And, the popularity came when the users describing the services offered by the companies from their friends.

Sam Altman startup playbook talks about another factor that can determine the future of the company is the quality of your product. By quality, one should mean that the product should be easy to understand and use.
Sam Altman blog also talks about products which are the other important factor is the market. Hence, a successful entrepreneur should aim for a market that is starting to undergo exponential growth.

In how to be successful Sam Altman talks about how trends are also an important factor that can determine the popularity and future of your company.

Hence, one should ensure that the trend the company follows in terms of choosing a platform is not fake!

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