Elon Musk is the CEO of top companies such as SpaceX and Tesla and works on different challenging projects that will impact our world. One cannot but wonder how demanding his days are and how he manages to keep himself together. Musk is known to work for 85 to 100 days per week while alternating workdays between his two companies.

Despite Elon’s busy schedule, he manages to be productive. His two companies are doing very well, and he himself has a fortune of $22.3 billion, making him one of the richest people in the world. How is Musk able to achieve this?

Indeed, college is one of the most challenging stages of life, and insights from one of the world’s busiest yet most successful people would be really helpful to get through school life. Elon Musk’s Productivity Lessons for Students:

1. Delegate

Elon Musk is a busy man, but he understands that he is just one man who can only do so much. Therefore, he delegated authority to others on his team. You also can’t do everything yourself. On projects or whatever, just put in your best and allow others to do theirs too.

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2. Not Everyone’s Opinion Counts

Musk’s two companies have to do with electric vehicles and an even bolder dream: putting humans on Mars. Many have regarded these, especially the latter, as wild, unachievable dreams. But that does not discourage him. Not everyone’s opinion counts.

3. Set optimistic goals.

Though he is successful, Elon Musk has had his fair share of failures in life, including multiple failed SpaceX rocket launches. However, that has only increased his optimism, and he does not relent. You may fail to reach your goals, but that should only motivate you.

4. Set Priorities

The Tesla CEO uses an obscure email address to avoid spam. Even then, he still does not spend too much time responding to emails. He knows how to filter the relevant from the irrelevant to be productive. Some things demand his attention, while others do not; and this is also a wise way to approach your college life.

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5. Have a schedule and follow it strictly.

Time management is a direct result of having goals. After you’ve set goals for yourself, you should break them down into simple tasks that you complete on a regular basis. Musk avoids lengthy meetings and conversations, along with anything that threatens his schedule.

Musk has developed the habit of reading since his teens. And even as a busy CEO, he has not dropped the habit. Even other successful people, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc., should keep reading, even at their advanced age.

The books they read are not necessarily in the field they are in; they are just obsessed with learning. Students also need to read beyond their field so as to be properly equipped for whatever the world outside school throws at them.

7. Think creatively.

Successful people such as Musk do not think the same way they did five years ago. They continually think of and innovate ways to get better. This is true for college too.

As a student, the amount of effort you put in during your first year cannot be the same as your final year. And do not expect to be taught everything. Much of your achievement will be linked to how innovative you can be.

8. Develop yourself

How many skills do you possess? How many things can you do? Elon Musk is the CEO of an automobile company and also coordinates space research efforts. In addition, he has headed the payment platform, PayPal.

To get ahead, you have to continually search for ways to improve and acquire skills. There is no better stage to do this than while still in school.

9. Focus

Musk knows what he wants, and he goes for it. Do you know what you want? Why are you in school? And even more so, what do you want out of life itself? These questions help to sharpen your focus.

10. Question Yourself on How to Do It Better.

To do much more, you have to question yourself and your decisions. What decisions have you made in the past that turned out well? Which turned out good?

How can you improve? Elon Musk’s time management continually improves, and he keeps studying his daily experience, trying to learn from what is around him.

11. Control Your Phone, Not Otherwise

College students are known to be addicted to their mobile devices. Of course, a smartphone is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. But they can be distracting as well. To focus, you have to discipline yourself regarding phone use and minimize the number of apps you use.

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